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Last updated January 2024

We are committed to abiding by the standards of the UK Code for Sport Governance published by Sport England.

On this page we’ve provided the principles of the Code and our supporting documents to demonstrate compliance.

All policies and documents will be updated in line with our review schedules and governance requirements.

Section 1 – Structure

Organisations shall have a clear and appropriate governance structure, led by a Board which is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the organisation and exclusively vested with the power to lead it. The Board shall be properly constituted, and shall operate effectively.

Section 2 – People

Organisations shall recruit and engage people with diversity of background, thought, independence, skills and experience to take effective decisions that further the organisation’s goals and best serve their communities, stakeholders and wider UK society.


Our current Equality Policy is under review in line with the Code for Sports Governance, and will be updated in 2022.

Section 3 – Communication

“Organisations shall be transparent and accountable, engaging effectively with stakeholders and nurturing internal democracy.”

Section 4 – Standards and Conduct

Organisations shall uphold high standards of integrity, promote an ethical and inclusive culture, and engage in regular and effective evaluation to drive continuous improvement. Using process, governance and policies outlined in the Active Norfolk Governance Framework and in other sections on this page the organisation will strive to seek to constantly improve across it’s structure, through the individuals, groups and partners involved.

Section 5 – Policies and Processes

In the event that a policy or procedure is not listed below, it can be assumed that Active Norfolk, as employees of Norfolk County Council, adopt and abide by Norfolk County Council’s corporate policies.

Active Norfolk do not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harrassment or victimisation of any protected characteristic. These include, but are not limited to age, disability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or pregnancy and maternity.

We have adopted Norfolk County Council’s inclusion policy with reference to bullying. This inclusion policy can be found here.

Our complaints procedure can be found on the Norfolk County Council’s Complaints policies and procedures section of the website.

All employees working at Active Norfolk are bound by a legal duty of confidence to protect personal information they may come into contact with during the course of their work.

This is not just a requirement of their contractual responsibilities but also a
requirement within the common law duty of confidence and data protection legislation – the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA2018) which implements the GDPR in the UK.

Our current data retention policy is in the process of being reviewed. This will be updated on our website shortly.

You can download our retention policy in review here.

Our current environmental policy was produced in 2023, and will be reviewed regularly to ensure we are doing all that we can to be environmentally conscious and responsible.

View our Environmental Policy here.

As a hosted organisation, Active Norfolk abides by and uses financial systems, policies and procedures as laid down by Norfolk County Council. The key financial policies are attached here.


We have adopted the health and safety management approach as laid out by Norfolk County Council. This can be found here.

Active Norfolk’s safeguarding policy can be found below. For information on our work with safeguarding in Norfolk, click here to visit our safeguarding page.

Our Website Usage Policy can be found on the Terms of Use page.

Our Privacy Notice is hosted on the Privacy Policy section.

The purpose of this Policy and the accompanying Whistleblowing Procedure is to make it clear that you can raise any workplace concerns in confidence without fear of victimisation, subsequent discrimination or disadvantage.

The NCC Whistleblowing Policy, Procedure and Form is hosted here: Whistleblowing policy – Norfolk County Council

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