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What we do

Who are Active Norfolk?

We are Active Norfolk.

We’re the Active Partnership for Norfolk, one of a network of 43 Active Partnerships across England.

We work to increase physical activity levels and improve the health and wellbeing of Norfolk’s communities and residents.

Norfolk walk signpost

We believe that physical activity is beneficial to everyone, and that movement improves lives. Also, that everyone should have an equal chance to enjoy the benefits of an active life.

Working with a wide range of local, regional, and national partners, we can increase physical activity and sports participation levels in Norfolk. It’s also important that we focus our efforts on those who can benefit most from a more active lifestyle.

What we do: Our approach

We advocate for the important role sport and physical activity have to play in improving our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Likewise, we advocate how it can be a tool that can bring communities together.

We work with partners in local government to ensure that sport and physical activity is considered at the highest levels. We want to see sport and physical activity included within key development strategies, policies, and services. To that end, it should be considered as part of an integrated solution to the challenges facing our county.

We work to inform and educate our partners, stakeholders, and the media about the benefits of sport and physical activity. We also share information about the ways it can be used to impact on the issues that are strategically important to us all.

We are proud of our partnership approach to working. Together, we can solve complex local issues. We do this by identifying and connecting key players at a strategic level to provide innovative solutions to local problems.

We share information and resources to support those who are taking their first steps into physical activity. We also help people understand the benefits it brings to our health and communities. A large part of our work is supporting our partners to share the opportunities and benefits of physical activity to their stakeholders, too.

Our Vision for Norfolk

We are working to create a Norfolk where physical activity is a regular part of everyday life. A county where all people enjoy the benefits of an active life, regardless of their circumstances.

We do this through regularly promoting the benefits of activity to both the Norfolk public and local organisations.

A busy day in the park

By highlighting and encouraging physical activity, we want to make a difference to Norfolk’s wellbeing and health.

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