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Robert Kett Primary School Street

Robert Kett Primary School Street Pilot

The School Street trial at Robert Kett Primary School has been in place since Tuesday 3rd May 2022.

It operates at drop off and pick up times on Monday to Friday between 8.15am – 9.00am and 14.45pm – 15.30pm.

This means the below streets are closed to all vehicles (who do not have an exemption) during term time.


Mornings: 8.15am – 9.00am

Afternoons: 14.45pm – 15.30pm

From 3rd May 2022 (Mondays – Fridays)


Hewitts Lane (Where it meets Clifton Road and Kett’s Avenue)

Where exactly is the Robert Kett Primary School Street pilot?

Be sure to download the guide above for a guide to where the road closures are. Below is an interactive map on exactly where the school street will be.

During these times, the above street (Hewitts Lane) will be closed to traffic. Students will be encouraged to make the school journey via alternative means. Exemptions are available, you can view the requirement for these in our FAQ section.