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Moving Medicine

Moving Medicine

This initiative supports healthcare professionals to recommend physical activity.

It is designed to provide health professionals with easy-to-use information about specific conditions and how physical activity can help. This will help them give advice on physical activity at all stages of life.

Moving Medicine is the single most important advance in therapeutics in my 50 years in medicine. The benefit to harm ratio is outstandingly favourable and every drug or psychological prescription for a long-term condition should be partnered by a Moving Medicine prescription of activity

Sir Muir Gray, Kt CBE DSc MD

By providing a comprehensive bank of resources that healthcare professional can use to integrate physical activity conversations into routine clinical care, this initiative hopes to increase the number and frequency of physical activity prescriptions.

Visit their website which contains a fantastic range of information and resources, including:

Visit the Moving Medicine website to access these resources, and start prescribing movement alongside medication.