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Falls Prevention

Updated December 2021

Reduce your risk of falling

Building activities that maintain strength, balance and flexibility into your lifestyle can help to reduce your risk of falling.

As we age, adopting an active lifestyle that includes these kinds of activities, whether through exercise classes like yoga or hobbies such as gardening, will decrease the risk of a fall.

Our Falls Prevention home exercise programme is suitable for those who are at moderate to high risk of falling, who have had 1 or more falls in the last 3 months or have a high fear of falling. Read on to find out more about the programme or click the button below to jump straight to the videos.

Fall Prevention Class

Don’t fall for it: The truth about exercise and falls

When it comes to falls prevention, there are a lot of myths flying around. The following facts are about falls and how they can be reduced.

Falls Prevention Programme: Where do I start?

The aim of these sessions is to introduce steps to reduce the risk of falling and improve the health and wellbeing of those taking part. They are split into three levels:

The exercises in Level 1 are to be performed seated. We recommend that you complete Level 1 for 8-10 weeks (or longer if you don’t feel ready to progress) before progressing to Level 2. During the 8-10 weeks you can increase the number of repetitions for each exercise. This will enable you to progress to the Level 2 video.

The Level 2 exercises are performed standing but using the support of a chair to aid your balance. Level 2 also introduces Backward Chaining, which is the method we use to get up and down from the floor. You should aim to follow this for 8-10 weeks, or until you feel ready to complete Level 3. You can introduce Backward Chaining after completing 4-5 weeks of Level 2.

The Level 3 video is suitable for those that have either completed at least 8 weeks of the Level 2 video and/or have a low to moderate fear of falling. You should be able to complete the Backward Chaining movements from Level 2 on their own before progressing to Level 3 where we do some floor-based exercises. Although we are progressing to not needing the chair support, you should always have a chair next to you in case you feel off balance.

For the Resistance Training section of the videos, we have used bands for most of the exercises. If you don’t have access to any bands then you can use small weights or tins (soup, beans etc) instead for some of the exercises.

Ensure that you use a chair that is firm and steady that you can get in and out of. The floor area around you should be clear and not slippery. Please don’t participate if you are feeling unwell or are recovering from a fall.

Falls Prevention Level One

Start with this programme for 8-10 weeks.

Falls Prevention Level Two

Move onto this programme for 8-10 weeks.

Falls Prevention Level Three

After completing the first two levels, move onto level three and continue with this programme going forward.

Looking for more?

“Stop Falling Start Living” is a Youtube account dedicated to Falls Prevention videos. You can find this by clicking the button below.

You can also check out the Your Health Norfolk website for Falls Prevention resources and full exercise videos you can do from home.

10Today’s falls prevention and strengthening videos are also a great resource to help you gradually build muscle. An example is below:

If you’re looking for more resources, check out our section for Vulnerable and Older adults where we have home exercises tailored to all ages and abilities.

Resources and Insight

The below Moving Medicine guide will provide more information on the importance of keeping active to avoid falls. You can also find more insight and information in our Active Ageing Insight section.

Contact us

If you need help with the falls prevention programme, setting up a programme near you or getting active yourself, get in touch and our team will be happy to assist.

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  • Falls Prevention Lead

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