Online Workouts

Online Workouts

Face to face physical activity programmes are great for building energy and creating opportunities to socialise. But for people who aren’t comfortable exercising in groups, or who want to build core strength and fitness, online workouts are a great alternative.

Online workouts are also a great addition for workplaces. From our own Active at Home page to various NHS and other resources, there’s a workout for everyone. Some of these can be done with weights or other equipment, however most can be done with just your body or everyday objects.

You can host a selection on a staff intranet or health and wellbeing page. Promoting these resources could be a great way of encouraging employees to give them a try. On this page we’ve got some options to get you started.


The following section contains links to online workouts and sites you can signpost your employees to. We’ll be adding to this section as more resources arise, so be sure to bookmark this for future use!

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If you need help or further resources, get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to provide impartial advice or point you in the right direction to further resources you can use.

Katie Tierney

Workplace Health Officer

Katie leads on our workplace health programme. She supports organisations to develop tailored workplace activity programmes, and delivers workplace health training

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