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Learn it

Learn it: Keep your brain active with these fun learning activities

Kids can keep their brains and bodies active with these ‘Learn it’ themed activities. There are various numerical challenges and puzzles you can have a go at to keep your mind sharp.

Girl and grandpa learning with giant dominoes
Girl drawing and laughing
Child playing with plastic numbers

Time to learn it…

Take on a PE and maths challenge

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PEScholar.com has put together a series of daily challenges for children age 6 to 14.

These combine physical and mathematical challenges to develop numeracy skills linked to physical activity.

Topics including problem solving, probability, and time.

Try some mathematical baking

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Following a recipe uses lots of maths skills like weighing, measuring, and time.

Plus you get something yummy to make and share with friends at the end of it!

You’ll find lots of child-friendly recipes on the BBC Good Food website.

Play jumping bingo!

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This fun game will help you move and practise your numbers.

Set up a bingo grid on the floor using numbers written on scrap paper or sticky notes.

With a family member, take it in turns to call out a number and set a physical challenge for the other person to complete e.g. 7 star jumps, 6 bunny hops.

Make a maths treasure hunt

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Hide treasure hunt clues all over your home, with a sum to complete in each clue before you can move onto the next one.

Try mixing up the difficulty by throwing in larger sums.

Challenge your family to see who can complete the course and find the treasure the quickest!

PE with numbers

Practise your numbers while being active in these fun activities which are easy to set up.

For older children you can make it more challenging with calculations such as times tables and greater than/less than.

Other fun learning opportunities

Completed all of the above activities? Here are some other activities you can have a go at. These can be done at home or at school.