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Our Locality Way of Working

What is the locality approach?

We know that where people live has an influence on their ability to be active. Our locality approach has been designed to focus on individual districts in Norfolk, rather than looking at the whole county.

Established in 2021, our Locality team works closely with local authority colleagues and key partners in each district. This is so we can work together to embed physical activity into a range of partner objectives, to make physical activity the norm for Norfolk.

We work in:

  • Breckland
  • South Norfolk and Broadland
  • Great Yarmouth
  • North Norfolk
  • Norwich
  • King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

Following an extensive consultation period with key local partners, each locality has developed a bespoke, localised strategic plan based upon insight and data. This plan drives the work we do in each area and ensures we have the greatest impact upon local communities.

To access these plans, use the ‘find your locality officer’ function below.

How will we do it?

We have a dedicated officer in each district. They offer bespoke support to their area, based on the needs of the people living and working there.

We aim to understand our local communities, environments and infrastructure through local insight and data.

We actively identify, attract, and allocate resources to support bespoke objectives in each locality.

We will influence and inform stakeholders to consider the impact of physical activity when developing new strategies, policy changes and designs.

We will align partners with mutual interests to deliver against our shared strategic priorities to encourage an increase in activity levels.

Find your locality officer

You can find your area’s locality officer by clicking the links below. You can also click on their name to get in touch directly.

Examples of our work

Since establishing our team, we’ve been working hard to influence positive change within local communities. You can also see some examples of our work:

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