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Getting active with a health condition

Getting active with a health condition

Many people believe that you can’t exercise with a long-term health condition. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Getting active with a health condition has so many benefits. In fact, physical activity has often been referred to as a ‘miracle cure’. It reduces many symptoms of underlying health conditions, and can even prevent you from getting certain illnesses begin with.

Our activity guides for long-term health conditions are designed to help you get active. These contain useful information about health conditions, as well as recommendations on the best activities to do.

1 in 4 people in the UK are living with a long-term health condition

Despite the fact that studies show increased activity can help in the management of many long term health conditions, there is still a large gap in physical activity levels between those who live with a long-term health condition and those who don’t.

Active Norfolk are fighting to change attitudes towards physical activity and health conditions, so more people can benefit from a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Activity Guides for Long-Term Health Conditions

The following activity guides are split into two sections. The first section is for those looking to get active, whilst the next bit is for health professionals looking for more information about the benefits of moving more.