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Children and Young People

Getting children and young people active

Our aim is to get more children and young people in Norfolk physically active, earlier in life.

We work with a wide range of organisations to influence the lives of young people. We want to support more young people to have positive experiences of physical activity. We can do this through helping with funding applications, helping you to make decisions and assisting in an advisory capacity on the best ways to influence outcomes for your students.

By developing an appreciation for physical activity and volunteering early in life, young people will be more likely to lead an active lifestyle later on.

There are many factors that can impact how active children and young people are. Getting young people active at schools is a huge first step. This includes being active on the way to and from school, through classes and during playtime. It also includes extra curricular activities outside of school.

Let’s get started: Find resources for you

Below, you’ll find resources to help your school, organisation or club provide physical activity opportunities for children and young people. We’ve got information on how to set up activities in Norfolk, funding opportunities and safeguarding information. Alternatively, if you’re a parent or carer, you may be interested in our Public section where there are ideas and campaigns to get your children active.

We aim to target all young people, from early years to teenagers.

Teachers and schools

Children should be active for at least 30 minutes of their school day.

If you work or volunteer at a school, you may need resources to help you get young people more active. We’ve got tips and guidance on getting children and young people active, as well as signposting to useful websites such as the Norfolk School Games.

Find out more about available funding, and also take our e-learning modules on how to get the most of this.

Here, you can also take part in the Active Lives Survey to give us a better idea of how active children and young people in Norfolk are.

Coaches, volunteers and activity providers

Find out more about the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme and how to get involved as an activity provider. You may also be looking for funding opportunities. We are also proud to take a lead on safeguarding processes for children and young people in Norfolk.

Parents and Carers

We understand that parents and carers are keen to see their children more physically active.

Take a look at our Public section. Here, you can find more information on Norfolk School Streets, Every Move and the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme, and how to get your children involved.

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Get in touch

If you are an organisation or setting that works with children and young people, and you need some advice or guidance we’d love to hear from you.

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