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Health and Social Care Hub

Health and Social Care Resource Hub

This Health & Social Care Resource Hub is designed to provide resources to healthcare professionals. It can assist them in talking about the benefits of physical activity to patients.

Physical activity is a tool that can be used by health and social care professionals to support a range of health conditions, in people of all ages.

Doctor using the resource hub to talk to patient

In this Hub, you’ll find a range of resources to help you use sport and physical activity to support your patients.

If you’re looking for advice on a specific health condition, check out our Activity and Health section. Each condition has a section for healthcare professionals, to provide basic information and consultation advice.

Build physical activity into the fabric of your surgery or hospital

If you’re a local surgery or hospital, these resources are to assist you. You’ll be able to make physical activity an integral part of your treatment plans. These resources can also be used to help patients and staff reach their recommended 150 minutes of activity.

Resource hub to help you talk about and prescribe physical activity

You can use the following resources to build your confidence in talking to patients about the benefits of physical activity.

Many patients are reluctant or concerned about taking up physical activity. However, by using Moving Medicine and other resources in your discussions, this should help you in providing compelling evidence to support the prescription of physical activity.

Boost your knowledge about the benefits of physical activity

Whilst we all know the benefits of physical activity, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on our knowledge. The following resources provide a selection of e-learning and training courses. These should help boost your confidence in talking to patients about physical activity.

Other tools to help:

Adapting physical activity for certain patients is a common query. The following resources cover the basics of adapting activity for various illnesses and conditions. This is so that everyone may make the most of physical activity opportunities.