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Try It

Try It: Try something new or learn a new skill

These activities will follow the theme of ‘try it’. This could be trying something you haven’t done before, or learning a new skill.

Remember, these activities are just here to get you started and give you ideas on what you could try next. If you’ve got suggestions as to what else people can try, we’d love to hear them.

Child colouring with crayons
Boy playing football outside
Boy trying new things on a walk

Try it yourself…

A virtual school games challenge

Virtual games icon

Have you tried all of our Virtual School Games challenges? The virtual challenge may be over, but the activities are still a great way to try something new.

Plus, you could build up your confidence in a range of sports skills and techniques.

A home exercise challenge

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During the first lockdown England Athletics and Team GB athlete and coach Jenny Meadows set a special fun challenge each week that the whole family could do.

Test your speed and agility and see how many jumps you can do in 20 seconds!

Mixing up your walk

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Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking has free resources and fun activities on its website to follow while you’re out walking.

From making your own postcards to drawing what you see, there are plenty of ways to mix it up whilst out and about.

Video tennis skills

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Try these fun challenges from the Norfolk Lawn Tennis Association and find lots more ideas to try at home on their YouTube channel.

Trying a new sport is a great way to have fun and keep your mind engaged, plus it can go towards getting your daily exercise which will help keep you fit and healthy.

Learning some leadership skills

Ever fancied being a coach? What about a sports captain for your school team? Learning leadership skills can be fun and rewarding, and can really help when you’re taking part in other activities.

The Youth Sport Trust has put together lots of resources for secondary-aged children which follow the national PE curriculum and can be done at home. Plus, in learning new coaching skills, you might find a brand new sport you enjoy.

Have a go at these ones which will help develop leadership skills – you can find lots more on the YST website.

Other new skills to try:

Completed all of the above activities? Here are some other activities you can have a go at. These can be done at home or at school.