Big Norfolk Holiday Fun Knowledge Hub

Big Norfolk Holiday Fun Knowledge Hub

The Big Norfolk Holiday Fun Knowledge Hub is designed to provide guidance and advice on the Holiday Activity and Food programme as well as support and resources to help providers maximise the impact of their activities.

On this page, you’ll find guidance relating to accessibility, nutrition and safeguarding guidance, amongst various other topics.

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What training courses are available?

We offer courses to HAF providers to broaden their knowledge and understanding of working with children and young people, and in turn boost their confidence in providing suitable, safe, and successful events for young people.

This workshop places a focus on inclusion and making sure your sessions are accessible for all children – regardless of physical or mental disability, race or gender.

You can also register for the SEND e-learning module designed to improve the knowledge and understanding of special educational needs and disability (SEND) and associated responsibilities which can be found here.

These courses will focus on providing inclusive and autism-friendly events.

This course is intended to equip attendees with ideas, confidence and resources when delivering creative learning sessions.

This course focuses on the best way to manage challenging behaviour when providing sessions for young people.

This course provides guidance on how to educate young people when it comes to nutrition.

This session will be delivered by Active Norfolk. It will focus on embedding physical activity into your provisions.

This course is centred on best practices for safeguarding children, covering procedures that should be in place, and any forms you should read or complete in advance of your sessions.

This course focuses on improving confidence to support children’s mental health, and best practices on how to spot and highlight any concerns.

What courses are you interested in attending?

As the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme has now come to a close for Easter, we will be pausing our course offerings. We will be offering further courses closer to the Summer Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme in September. Please visit this page closer to the time for updates.

Getting started: Becoming a Big Norfolk Holiday Fun provider

We are inviting activity providers from across Norfolk to become Big Norfolk Holiday Fun providers, and provide fun, enriching activities to local children with the offer of a nutritional meal with each activity.

In signing up, you’ll be providing positive experience for children and young people across Norfolk. They’ll be given the opportunity to try something new, and meet new people, whilst being given an incentive to get out and about during the holidays.

To get started, if you haven’t done so already, make sure you fill in the Expression of Interest form to become a provider. A member of our team will then be in touch.

Accessibility & Diversity

It is important that your sessions are accessible for all children – regardless of physical or mental disability, race or gender. The pandemic has exacerbated inequalities for disadvantaged groups. Take a look at the resources below for information on how these groups have been disproportionately affected, and for information on how to make your sessions accessible for everyone.

To sign up to one of our inclusivity workshops, click here.

Embedding nutritional education into your offer

Food plays a major role in the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme. However, it is about more than just the food itself. It’s an opportunity to learn about food and nutrition, for young people to build an understanding of healthy food, to get stuck in and make a meal, or even grow their own food.

Evidence shows that what happens in the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme can have an impact in the home. Last year we saw a number of organisations provide young people with ingredient boxes and recipe cards to make meals at home with the rest of their family.

The following organisations provide sources of information about nutritional education as well as recipes and ideas for families.

To sign up to one of our nutritional workshops, click here.

Health & Safety

All providers should ensure they have a suitable risk assessment plan in place, which is up to date and in line with the latest government guidelines.

Managing Challenging Behaviour

Below are some resources and external sites designed to help you should you encounter challenging behaviour. These guides will help you prepare, and create a plan to adapt your activities and overcome any obstacles presented through challenging behaviour.

Check back to the Knowledge Hub later for a link to sign up to one of Street Games’ behaviour workshops.

Keeping Children Safe

Children’s safety is paramount and should be a primary consideration when planning activities or events. The following resources should provide guidance on how to ensure and maintain child safety through your activities.

To sign up to a safeguarding workshop, click here.

Please feel free to print and use the below at your sessions over the summer, if you don’t have access to a printer, please get in touch with Ellen Vanlint if you would like to order any printed versions at [email protected]

Partnership Directory Information: Deliverers who can help you

If you need assistance with your provision over the festive period, these deliverers may be able to assist.

District informational sheets

Below are some district information sheets.

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