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Community Investment: Opening Schools Facilities

The Fund: Opening Schools Facilities

Opening Schools Facilities (OSF) is a funding programme to meet the goals set out by the Government’s School Sport and Activity Action Plan (SSAAP). The aim is to help schools open their existing sports facilities for a broader range of young people, and to support the wider community by partnering with sporting organisations to who can deliver activities.

The objective of the fund is to extend school facility opening hours outside of the school day (evenings, weekends and holidays) to allow children and young people to access more opportunities to be physically active.

Opening Schools Facilities - Impact Report Our Work

2022-2023 Data Insights

This phase of the Opening Schools Facilities Funding (2022-2023) has focused on setting up schools with resources and infrastructure, enabling them to start delivering community-based programmes in the following year.


Schools awarded funding in 2022-2023

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distributed in 2022-2023 (£)


Participants in 2022-2023

Collaboration nationally is an important element of this programme. Our commitment to best practice was evidenced through our east region Active Partnership project group. Attendance at the national conference was also beneficial enabling innovative ideas and insight to be gathered to enhance our efforts in the coming years of this project.

Our partnership with the Active Partnership national team, the leading consortium partner and a network that we are a part of, was strengthened immensely. We were given the opportunity to input in national forums, and to be part of a collective voice that is committed to improving school sport and physical activity, advocating and sharing learning to the Department for Education, who commissioned the funding.

In the year ahead (2023-2024) we aim to:

  • Ensure legacy and sustainability through these funded projects, including wider connectivity to other programmes such as the School Games, Holiday Activity and Food, and existing PE Sport Premium funding in primary schools specifically.
  • Work with our locality team to connect local stakeholders and maximise the benefit to funded delivery plans. Building connections between schools and community clubs/deliverers is crucial to the long-term sustainability and impact of the programme, and is something we are looking to facilitate for the rest of the funding period and beyond.
  • Showcase our impact and continue to support schools to maximise their investment, alongside other support such as PE Sport Premium funding and our funded role to support schools to embed physical activity within their setting/site.
  • Continue to work with identified target schools and further develop their offering.