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Active Lives Children’s Survey: Have your say

On this page, you’ll find the list of Norfolk schools chosen to participate in the Children’s Active Lives Survey. You’ll also find a breakdown of the latest Children’s Active Lives Survey report (December 2021).

The Active Lives Children and Young People Survey is now in its fourth year. Sport England launched the school-based survey in September 2017 to measure engagement in, and attitudes to, sport and physical activity. This is measured among children and young people in school Years 1-11.

Sport England then releases the data sets for the survey annually, which give a good insight into the current levels of physical activity across the country as well as in Norfolk. You can fFind out whether your child’s school has been chosen to participate below.

Schools participating in the 2022 Spring Term Active Lives Survey

Each term, Sport England provide Active Norfolk with a random sample of schools that have been selected to take part. Within that school there will be three year groups selected. Check to see whether your school is on the list below.

Schools who participate will receive a bespoke report outlining their survey results. This will cover measures of their pupils activity levels, physical literacy and swimming proficiency. It will also cover their wellbeing, self-efficacy and levels of social trust.

They will also receive a healthy schools rating to celebrate the positive actions the school is delivering in terms of healthy eating and physical education. Schools will also receive £100 worth of sports equipment.

students living active lives in a PE lesson
Younger kids PE lesson

If your child’s school is not on this list, they have not been chosen to participate in this survey this term. For more information or to request to participate, contact [email protected].

Complete the Active Lives Survey

Use the links below to select the district your child’s school is in to fill in the correct survey. However, please ensure you only fill in your school’s designated survey.

What are the latest Active Lives Survey figures?

The latest survey figures were released in December 2021. The findings covering the 2020/21 academic year, with the main takeaways as follows:

  • While there has been no overall decrease in activity levels compared to the previous academic year, the pandemic and the impact of lockdowns over this academic year continued to impact negatively on activity levels and the widening of existing inequalities.
  • 3.2 million (44.6%) children and young people were active, taking part in sport and physical activity for an average of 60+ minutes a day across the week.
  • This remains unchanged compared to 12 months ago. However, the proportion active remain down 2.2% compared to pre-pandemic (2018-19), equating to 94,000 fewer active children and young people.

Worryingly, the new findings reveal that existing inequalities have been exacerbated. It’s vital we tackle these inequalities by supporting the people and communities that need the most help to take part in sport and physical activity during coronavirus recovery efforts.

It’s up to all of us to work together to ensure we provide the best possible opportunities to children and young people, both in the weeks and months ahead and when we emerge from the pandemic.

For a full breakdown of the report, click here. Alternatively, you can click below to view the full report.