Locality Insight

Locality Insight

This page contains data to inform decisions surrounding provisions and support in local areas. It includes our locality ward tables, which you can download below. If you’re looking for information and contacts for our localities team, click here.

Active Lives Survey Figures for Norfolk

Sport England’s Active Lives Adult Survey is a comprehensive study of activity levels among adults aged 16+ in England. The interactive chart below shows the percentage of adults who fall into each of the following physical activity categories:

  • Inactive – Less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week
  • Fairly active – Between 30-149 minutes of physical activity a week
  • Active – 150 minutes+ of physical activity a week

The purpose of the chart below is to allow you to view the most recent Active Lives Survey figures for Norfolk and compare them with previous years and other local geographies. You can use the filters to the left of the chart to view the percentage of adults who are inactive, fairly active, or active in each area. By hovering over a point on the chart you can also view the exact figures for each Active Lives Survey.

Small Area Estimates of Inactivity

The Active Lives Survey provides us with twice yearly figures for inactivity. This narrows down to lower tier local authority level (i.e. Breckland, Norwich, North Norfolk etc.) This data is modelled by Sport England to give estimates of inactivity in smaller areas. Updated figures can be found below. These can be viewed as a map or table as well as being exportable.

Active Norfolk Ward Tables

At Active Norfolk we think that data is crucial. It plays an important part in making informed decisions and directing resources to where they are most needed.

For this reason, we have designed our locality insight tables to present information at a local level. They use a wide range of indicators linked to physical activity. There are several indicators which span four main themes. These are:

  • Population characteristics
  • Populations at risk of physical inactivity
  • Health inequalities
  • Conditions linked to physical inactivity

All ward values are benchmarked against the district average, and colour-coded to indicate where particular issues are more or less prevalent.

These charts can also be used to identify priority outcomes and areas for physical activity to help with in communities within each district.

Download the latest Ward Tables

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This data was last updated November 2021.

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