Equality and Inclusivity

This report provides a review of the scientific evidence of the health benefits for physical activity specifically for disabled adults

Project Design

Sport England seeks to open-up sport and exercise to all and increase the number of people being active regularly, with disabled people being a key target audience.

A guide to inclusive communications, supporting providers to reach a wider audience, including more disabled people.

Project Delivery

To help give an understanding of inclusive practice and giving guidance on how to include everyone in coaching sessions.

An insight into how your coaching impacts upon disabled people and the best ways to get them actively involved in a fun, friendly and safe environment.

Some simple reminders in relation to disability awareness that will help you think more inclusively when developing delivery plans for your organisation.

Making coaches aware of people from deprived communities that can often be marginalised, and are not given the same opportunities as everyone else to access positive experiences in sport delivered by high quality, trained coaches.

This guidance form is derived from learning presented in the "Spotlight on…Learning to Engage Low Socio-economic Groups" .

It is intended for organisations designing coaching programmes that aim to engage low-socio economic groups in sport and physical activity.

This resource is about how to retain participants and continue to keep them engaged in sport in areas of high deprivation.

Giving sports providers ways to engage with BME communities that often face disadvantages and social exclusion due to several factors.