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Children & Young People


Physical activity for early years (birth – 5 years)

Physical activity for children and young people (5 – 18 Years)

Children's Active Lives Reports

Active Lives Children and Young People Survey report, summarising the activity levels of 5 to 16-year olds in England from September 2019 to July 2020.

Active Lives Children and Young People Survey Coronavirus (Covid-19) Report Mid-May to late-July 2020 (the summer term). This report focuses on the summer term (mid-May to late-July) and should be read in conjunction with the annual 2019/20 report.

This report presents data from the Active Lives Children and Young People Survey for the academic year 2017/18. Data is presented for children and young people in school Years 1-11 (ages 5-16) in England. Published March 2019 (Academic year 2017/18).

Sport England's Active Lives Surveys measure physical activity levels of people across England. The survey outlines activity levels of children and young people in school. The report was published December 2018.

Project Delivery

This resource is a guide to help our partners really understand the attitudes, behaviours and preferences of young people and to gain an understanding of the differences between young people – their mindsets, lifestyles, their quirks and concerns.

Young people have complex relationships with sport and physical activity based on their unique personalities and experiences, this Z-Card shows the several personalities to give more understanding into a young persons mind.

This resource encourages you to be creative and provides thought on how to make your session unmissable. Drawing on recent research it contains fun ideas and tips for coaches.

This resource gives advice on how you can help young people deal with change and uncertainty.

Guide for coaches showing how everyone has a different motivation for taking part in sport, with session plan ideas for you to try.

Insight & Strategy

The Youth Sport Trust has published a new research report 'What About the Boys' which sets out the potential for sport to play a greater role in improving boys' mental health.

Energise me, We commissioned The Behavioural Architects to delve into the lives of inactive teenagers living in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. The Behavioural Architects' mission was to develop quality local insight that would help us understand young people's habits, motivations and barriers to being active.
The guide, Understanding Vulnerable 14-19 Year Olds, summarises their findings and can be used to help shape activities for this audience.

The Youth Sport Trust is an independent UK charity devoted to changing young people's
lives through sport.

For the last 15 years, the Youth Sport Trust has been driving change in the area of gender inequalities with a much-needed focus on girls. Providing girls with equal access and opportunities to the life-changing benefits of PE and sport is crucial. However, have we left the issues of boys' disaffection, wellbeing and achievement behind? That is the key question that Youth Sport Trust Lead Health & Wellbeing Schools and Head Teacher Ambassadors have been asking us.

A thematic review into what actions schools are taking to reduce childhood obesity