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West Norfolk

Introducing our locality plan approach:

We are working on a locality-based approach, based on the premise that problems and priority issues are distinctive in each of the local authority areas. Our aim is to identify and work together with partners and organisations that are best placed in each district to realise opportunities that sport and physical activity can offer to help improve the lives of Norfolk residents.

This requires tailored local insight and a broad range of partners around the table to tackle local problems with a local approach, based on data-driven insight and local knowledge.

Our Locality Plan approach seeks to:

  • Provide a more robust and holistic understanding of localities
  • Focus our priorities with regard to resource allocation
  • Highlight resource gaps to address identified priorities in each locality
  • Provide a clear rationale for engagement with local and national stakeholders around achieving shared objectives, achieving efficiencies, and attracting additional resource
  • Enable analysis of existing resource commitments and where efficiencies can be made
  • Complement existing plans and approaches – not reinvent the wheel

Over the last year we have undertaken a locality planning process to better understand the issues in Norfolk that physical activity can potentially help improve, where they are most prominent, and who shares a common interest in those issues.

“We’ve established a strong partnership of influential stakeholders within the Borough who all have an interest in how physical activity can contribute to improved outcomes for communities across West Norfolk. This gives us a strong foundation to make well-informed decisions and coordinate our efforts to meet local, identified needs.

“I’m excited about the new approach and turning the initial strategy work into meaningful improvements to the quality of life of the people of West Norfolk. Our work to establish physical activity at the core of the re-opening Discovery Centre is an early example of how the strong partnership can lead to physical activity getting to where it is most needed."

West Norfolk District Lead, Stephen Hulme

Stephen Hulme

Stephen Hulme

Development Manager - Children & Young People

Whilst studying Sports Development at University I undertook a 12 month placement with Active Norfolk. Having finished my degree I returned to Norfolk as a Rural Sports Development Officer delivering the Village Games before managing projects such as Sport Makers, Satellite Clubs and School Games.

I am now the strategic lead for Children and Young People within the organisation. My role is to develop relationships and partnerships with organisations that engage with young people to improve understanding and awareness of the importance of physical activity on young people's health and well-being; identify relevant and appropriate funding opportunities; and align resources to bring about programmes and initiatives on a needs-led basis.

I am also the Localities lead for West Norfolk and North Norfolk, which sees me working with key partners across a range of sectors in those areas to identify areas of greatest need and identify the ways in which physical activity and sport can be utilised to address local problems.

01603 732381