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Woman of the Month 2018 Winners

June Woman of the Month: Helen Fiske

Congratulations to Helen Fiske who is our winner for June. Helen was nominated by Neil Walpole who said,

"I would like to nominate Helen Fiske who recently fulfilled an ambition of completing the London Marathon. Helen is a member of the Norwich Road Runners and for a few years has been suffering injury problems stopping her running. Not one to give up Helen investigated run/walking and was soon back out there. She developed a plan after reading about Jeff Galloway who has written many books on the walk run walk subject. After getting her confidence back she formed a group on club nights and which was called the 'Jeffing Group' inspiring others to do the same as herself. Helen deserves this award not only for her own personal achievements but also for the help in inspiring many others. At Norwich Road Runners the 'Jeffers' is now the biggest group. It has become a great pathway into running for many who did not have confidence before all thanks to a Helen. I hope you find Helen as inspiring as we do, we are incredibly proud of her."

May Woman of the Month: The Eastern Counties Women's squad

Congratulations to The Eastern Counties Women's squad who is our winner for May. They were nominated by Ian Milligan who said,

"The squad has just made history in so far as they have made the county championships for the first time ever. Having been restructured last season they have expanded from having a few women available for games 3 years ago to having over 100 players trial this season for the 36 squad places. The team has bonded and formed brilliant friendship both on and off the field. The are inspiring young players to take up the game as well as their
team mates back at their clubs"

April Woman of the Month: Karen Fulcher

Congratulations to Karen Fulcher who is our winner for April. Karen was nominated by Lauren Cunningham who said,

'Karen started her journey with us at Riverside Leisure Centre in June 2016 & then started Personal Training with one of our instructors. She set herself a challenge of loosing 100lbs! Along the journey she has continued to push herself in training, maintaining a healthy well balanced diet and trying new things! She has since completed a Charity Skydive! As well as smashed her target of 100lbs! Karen continues to work hard both inside the gym, outside the gym and in workout classes! An all round lovely lady and an inspiration
to many!'

March Woman of the Month: Lisa Pedder

Congratulations to Lisa Pedder who is our winner for March. Lisa was nominated by Emma Thorne who said,

"In May 2017 Lisa decided to get fit. She joined a local running club. She came home after that first session crying that she couldn't do it. She suffered shin splints and aches and pains. However she went back. In February 2018 she ran a 10k in 55 mins. In April 2018 she has entered a half marathon. She has lost over 3.5 stone in weight. She is now helping to inspire other runners by supporting the new group of beginners in the group. She has become a member of the Downham Games committee promoting sport in the area."

February Woman of the Month: Emily Capps

Congratulations to Emily Capps who is our winner for February. Emily was nominated by Kerrie Gallagher who said,

In April 2016 Emily was asked to be the maid of honour at a friends wedding. This sparked Emily into action - not only loosing over 7 stone in weight, but taking on all sorts of new sporting challenges. After years of back problems which limited some physical activity she started building herself up to running and now participates each week in her local parkrun and is training for her first 10km in March. Not only this, but last year in April 2017 Emily undertook a massive challenge - walking around the Isle of Wight in one go, a massive 68 miles. The challenge took 25 hours, an impressive time considering the terrain. Emily has totally changed her life - she was never a stranger to being active, but in the last 2 years she has made significant changes which have enabled her to take on new and significant challenges - which she has excelled in. She won't be stopping anytime soon either, having just signed up to walk across Wales in June!

January Woman of the Month: Ruby Bishop

Congratulations to Ruby Bishop who is our winner for January. Ruby was nominated by Shellie Addis who said,

"Ruby has cerebral palsy. Ruby partakes in Wheelchair Basket ball and as she turns 14 this month she is now play adult league Basketball which she is extremely excited to be a part of. Ruby also plays wheelchair tennis and despite only playing for just over a year her achievements have been outstanding, This was also recognised by Jordanne Whiley MBE who donated Ruby one of her Wheelchairs in recognition of Rubys dedication to the 2017 School Games and has also been shortlisted for a Norfolk Youth Award."