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Get more young people involved in sport and physical activity: set up a satellite club

What is a Satellite Club?

A Satellite Club is a local sport / physical activity opportunity targeting inactive young people aged 14-19 years old. The sessions are designed and shaped around the needs and motivations of young people to provide them with a positive and enjoyable experience that makes it easy for them to become active and develop regular activity habits.

Supported by or linked to a local community sports club or physical activity opportunity (The Hub), satellite clubs should respond to the specific needs of young people and be positioned to support young people at points of disruption in their lives. For example, around adolescence, when attitudes to sport and physical activity often change, or when transitioning into adulthood when young people are most at risk of drifting away from taking part in regular sport and physical activity.

Funding grants of £1000 - £5,000 are available depending on the size, scale and nature of the project. Sessions should run for at least 26 weeks a year.

Key criteria:

• Sessions should target 14 – 19 year olds

• The young people attending should be Inactive or generally less active on a regular basis outside of education

• Help young people become active or build regular activity habits (inactive / irregularly active)

• Support young people at points of disruption in their lives when attitudes to and engagement in sport and physical activity often change

• Be young people (customer) led including involving young people in decisions and design.

• Projects engaging under-represented groups (Females, disability, low socio-economic groups) will be prioritised for funding. Other examples of prioritised groups include: -

- Young people involved in anti-social behaviour

- YP finding it difficult to gain employment

- YP struggling with low mood, anxiety and mental health issues

- Young Carers

- Looked After Children

- YP accessing local support services

Applying for funding

Funding is available to support organisations in setting up and overseeing a Satellite Club in their area.

All proposals will be assessed against the above programme criteria and where they are meeting key Satellite Club objectives we will work closely with the lead organisation to develop plans further.

Please complete the below proposal form and return to George Webster –