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Postural Stability Information

Postural stability is defined as the ability of a person to maintain an upright position. As we age we are more likely to lose our sense of balance and become prone to falling. This is because our muscular strength is one of the most important factors that keeps us balanced. When muscular strength reduction happens, so does the base support of the body's ability to maintain postural stability. Unfortunately, reduction of muscular strength is unavoidable as people get older, making balance training crucial.

With this in mind there are a number of exercises that those working regularly with older people can easily deliver to help improve the balance and therefore reducing the risk of falls.

Here in Norfolk there are a number of qualified instructors in Postural Stability Exercise, including Exercising People in Communities (EPIC) and Broadly Active, both of which have resources available. For a list of appropriate instructors and advisers who help people in your area, visit the REPS website.

Please download the Public Health England Best Practice guide for more advice and guidance on ways to improve the health and independence of older people you work with through Postural Stability Exercises.

There are several courses available for professionals who would like to discover more about Postural Stability delivery. Please visit the Later Life Academy page where you can find out more about the training offered -

Ryan Hughes

Ryan Hughes

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