Physical Activity Health and Wellbeing

Guidance from Macmillan on how to run a physical activity programme for people living with and beyond cancer

Guidance from Macmillan looking at interventions to promote Physical Activity for those living with and beyond cancer

An evidence review looking at Physical Activity and Cancer

This document is a study of Demography, Motivation, Participation and Provision in Outdoor Sport and Recreation in England

This resource shows why people have inactive behaviours, what counts as being active and what you can do to help.

Protecting and improving the nation's health

This document sets out the evidence base for what works to get people active at a population-scale. Most of the interventions highlighted have been shown to be effective and achievable

This report summarises a rapid evidence review of muscle and bone strengthening and balance activities (MBSBA) for general health benefits in adults and older adults by a working group advised by a UK Chief Medical Officers' (CMOs) Expert Committee for muscle strength, bone health and balance

This document summarises the methods and findings of a national call for local practice to increase physical activity intended to identify 'what works' for roll out across the country and explore the use of measurement and evaluation across interventions

A UK-wide document that presents guidelines on the volume, duration, frequency and type of physical activity required across the lifecourse to achieve general health benefits.

10 minutes brisk walking each day in mid-life for health benefits and towards achieving physical activity recommendations

Applying behavioural and social sciences to improve population health and wellbeing in England

A document produced by the Mental Health Foundation.

A report produced around the impact of physical activity on wellbeing