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parkrun practice

parkrun UK has launched a new 'parkun practice' initiative with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). Under this initiative, GP practices across the UK are encouraged to develop close links with their local parkrun to become 'parkrun practices'.

The initiative aims to improve the health and wellbeing of health care staff, patients and carers, reducing the need for lifelong medication.

Involvement in this initiative will help practices:

  • Promote parkrun as an opportunity to walk, jog, cycle or volunteer to improve wellbeing of staff and patients
  • Improve the health and wellbeing of patients, reducing the need for lifelong medication
  • Raise awareness amongst the parkrun community of services that practices provide
  • Help develop a local community and environment centred around wellness generation
  • Support the UK-wide movement to scale up social prescribing activities

How to become a 'parkrun practice'

The process to become a certified 'parkrun practice' is straightforward, you can register to become a parkrun practice using the parkrun practice form.

The benefits of parkrun

parkrun says research last year showed that hundreds of UK healthcare practitioners were already highlighting parkrun to patients.
Through this initiative, the RCGP and parkrun hope to continue to raise awareness amongs GPs and practice staff, of parkrun and 'the positive impact physical activity and volunteering can have on health and wellbeing'.

Why not give your local parkrun a try?

Whether people want to improve their fitness, make new friends, cope with health problems, learn new skills or simply be outside with others, parkrun has a positive impact on health and wellbeing and changes lives.

  • Free, weekly 5k events for all ages from 4+, every Saturday morning, in areas of open space
  • 2k junior parkruns for 4-14 year olds and their families on Sunday mornings
  • Over 750 locations in UK
  • Organised by local volunteer teams
  • Not races: walk, run, jog, volunteer or spectate
  • parkrun is open to all, including those who are inactive or have health conditions or disabilities
  • Improve health and wellbeing through physical activity, including volunteering
  • Socialise, make friends and be part of a welcoming, supportive community?

To find out about parkrun events in Norfolk visit

For more information about the parkrun practice initiative including suggestions for activities, please download the toolkit below.

parkrun image library contains freely available images to use (please credit the photographer)

Active Norfolk offers free training for frontline care staff on the benefits of physical activity and how to refer patients into physical activity. Visit for more information