Big Norfolk Holiday Fun FAQs

Big Norfolk Holiday Fun FAQs

On this page you can find answers to some of the most common questions around the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme.

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There is no strict set cost per head figure dictated but as a guideline we expect to pay no more than £17.50 per child per day, including the provision of food.

We recognise in certain circumstances activities may cost more than this, in this instance you will need to justify the additional cost.

We will be able to link you to a provider who can supply food as part of your offer, you just need to state that you require this support when you submit your proposal.

We are working on supporting training and resources to help you offer nutritional education, more information will follow but this shouldn’t stop you expressing an interest, we will be able to support you.

Visit the government’s website, which contains all the information you need relating to school food standards: Standards for school food in England – GOV.UK (

You will need to take bookings from families, however, as part of the funding agreement you will need to collect stated information and gain permission to share this data with Norfolk County Council.

A family finds out if they are eligible and can apply to register their child/children for free school meals via the NCC website (apply for free school meals)

A family does not have to be accessing free school meals to take part in the holiday activities programme, they just need to be eligible.

Yes, activities should be 4 hours as a minimum but if you cannot deliver for four days in a week you can still be part of the programme.

The funding can only cover costs relating to eligible children. However, we would encourage your activities to be open to all. You can charge non-eligible children to attend.

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