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Help more people find your activity sessions

OpenActive is an organisation dedicated to the promotion of open opportunity data in the leisure industry. This enables third-party search engines to find open data automatically, display sessions and opportunities which ensures that more people are able to find the right activity for them far more easily.

OpenActive works closely with sports organisations across the country, including a number of County Sports Partnerships, like Active Norfolk, to promote the clear benefits of making open opportunity data part of an organisations' marketing strategy. Currently Open Data sharing is a new approach for the leisure industry but as technology develops the importance placed on the sharing of opportunity data is extremely likely to increase.

Watch the video below for more information on how Open opportunity data works

Open Opportunity Data FAQs

1) How will this benefit my business
Opening your opportunity data will mean that activity finders, like the one on this site, are able to automatically find information about your activities without you having to manually enter it onto third party sites. This provides automatic marketing and therefore a greater reach for your opportunities and ultimately more people at your sessions.

2) How does this work?
There are already a number of industries sharing data exceptionally well. For example the travel industry allows third party agents, like Skyscanner and Expedia, to get real-time information from airlines' website so flights can be compared and booked more easily. OpenActive are putting the same framework in place for the leisure industry.

3) Will this mean sharing customer's information?
No. Opportunity data is the only information shared, which means information that you would make public on your own website anyway, like how much an opportunity costs to participate in.

4) How much does this cost?
It depends. If you use one of the major data entry systems, like Gladstone, the likelihood is you will be able to share your data very easily just by contacting your web provider. Different web providers are at different stages of sharing opportunity information and how complicated and expensive the process is depends entirely on which system you currently use. The best way to find out is to get in touch with them.

Click here to visit OpenActive's website and find out how you can begin enjoying the benefits of open opportunity data.

For more information about OpenActive locally, speak to Active Norfolk's OpenActive Champion, Rachel Cooke, using the details below.

Rachel Cooke

Rachel Cooke

Insight & Evaluation Officer

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Process and programme evaluation
  • Research and insight
01603 731565