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Minimum Standards for Active Coaches

In order to ensure Excellent Coaching Every Time for Everyone, UK Coaching, along with key industry partners, has agreed core standards that all coaches in the UK should adhere to (previously referred to as core minimum standards for deployment).

Why are these standards important?

As an active coach, it is important for you to meet the core standards.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • to ensure you have the right level of qualification, knowledge and skills for your coaching role
  • to safeguard you and the participants you coach
  • to ensure you have the right level of insurance
  • to improve the coaching opportunities you can access

The core standards an active coach should meet are outlined in five key areas:

  • minimum age
  • appropriate qualifications
  • appropriate insurance cover
  • safeguarding children and vulnerable groups
  • policies and procedures

In addition, UK Coaching have produced an interactive tool to provide guidance regarding the minimum qualifications (as stated by the relevant governing bodies of sport) required for a lead coach coaching children and young people in the following environments:

  • primary school
  • secondary school
  • club
  • community/local authority

Visit the UK Coaching website to access the interactive tool.