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Health and activity consultation

Are you living with a health concern or long-term condition?

Active Norfolk wants to support everyone to be able to benefit from a healthy and active lifestyle.

As part of our work to better understand how physical activity can be used to help improve people's health, we are conducting a survey that investigates how mental and physical health concerns and long-term conditions impact physical activity levels in adults.

Working closely with partners across the health and social care sectors, we have created a short 10-15 minute survey that looks at health conditions and activity levels. Are you satisfied with your activity levels, or does your health concern stop you from being as active as you would like to be? Would anything help you to be more active?

By taking part in this survey will help us ensure that the voice of people living with long-term health conditions is heard when designing future care and support services. That means your contribution now can have a positive impact on others in Norfolk living with health concerns.

The survey can be completed on desktop or mobile devices.

Click here to start the survey.