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Freestyle Friday

Be active in whatever way you want... be creative, be wild, and most of all have fun!

Try a Disney ten-minute shake-up

Change4Life and Disney have teamed up to bring you new Shake Up games inspired by much-loved kids' films including The Lion King and Frozen. These 10-minute bursts of fun will get the family moving and count towards the 60 active minutes kids need every day!

Click here to start the fun.

Challenge the family to a virtual quiz

YouTuber Jay Flynn's virtual pub quizzes were a huge hit during lockdown 1.0, but did you know he also does quizzes that are great for the whole family? Check out his quizzes for kids playlist - why not get your friends / grandparents / aunties / uncles to log on and give it a go with you?

Get moving with the Choo Choo game

The Choo Choo game is a great way to help little ones explore different ways of moving, develop their imaginative skills, and most of all have fun!

  1. Stand feet part, elbows tucked into the waist, arms pointing forwards, and palms facing each other
  2. Move arms in a piston-like action like you are a train. Once children have the hang of this, pretend to be moving up a hill so the arms points upwards as you lean back and then pretend to go downhill, bending forwards with arms pointing downwards
  3. All call out 'Choo Choo!' This will help children practise their 'Ch' sounds.
  4. Repeat the actions above a number of times, facing forwards, travelling up the hill and then down the hill.
  5. Then slowly encourage children to travel on the spot; first around one way and then the other.
  6. Repeat the turning action in their space.
  7. Now do it all to music!

You'll find more information about this activity on the Youth Sport Trust website.

Have a karaoke party

Sing and dance along to your favourite tunes - it's a great way to get you moving and boost your mood! Check out Sing Sing Karaoke's Disney playlist to get the party started.

Make a front-room fort

For a perfect rainy-day activity build a fort in your front room or bedroom using sofa cushions, chairs, towels, sheets... whatever you can find! How many people can fit in your fort?

If it's sunny and you've got a garden then why not build one outside?

Make your own scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunts provide a list of items to find, or do, within a set time limit. Players are sent off to "scavenge" for the items on their lists. The first to find all of them wins, or, if nobody finds everything on the list, count up to see who has the most at the end of the time limit.

You could look for an item of every colour of the rainbow, things with numbers on from 1 to 9, or an item starting with every letter of the alphabet!

It's easy to do a scavenger hunt at home or in the garden, or you could do an 'eye spy' version while you're out for a walk.

Try a family activity challenge

Grab a parent, carer, or sibling and challenge them to try these wacky activities using everyday household objects!

Get up and dance!

Turn up the radio or stream your favourite party tunes and have a boogie - it'll get you smiling and there are no wrong moves! You'll find lots of funny dance routines on the Go Noodle YouTube channel, or join in with This Girl Can Disney Dance-Alongs to songs from classic films. Here are a few videos to get the party started!

Lockdown living room escape challenge

Have a go at creating your own homemade escape room game to challenge your flatmates or family.

Watch the films on the Museum of Norwich at the Bridewell Facebook page and download the pdf of puzzles here to help. Then give it a go!