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Evaluation Tools and Packs

Find out more about how we can help you at any stage of your evaluation

If you require assistance in the way that you evaluate or reach conclusions surrounding the effectiveness of your project, we can help. Use the interactive infographic below to decide which stage of the cycle you are at and what assistance we can provide to you if applicable.

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Sport England Evaluation Framework

This resource aims to help partners to evaluate funding streams and projects effectively and get maximum value from measurement and evaluation (M&E). It is not prescriptive about what should be measured, how and when, but instead provides an easy-to-follow guide and resources to help projects develop their own approach to measurement and evaluation. Building the six steps into programme planning and implementation will help projects get the most benefit from M&E.

  • Sport England Accessible Evaluation Guidance Sport England Accessible Evaluation Guidance (PDF, 1.3 Mb)

    Accessible Evaluation is about designing evaluation that is suitable and inclusive for the people who will take part in it. This is particularly important for people with specific communication requirements. This applies to audiences such as disabled people or those who do not use English as a first language. Accessible evaluation is vital to collecting good data, so we can support these audiences to be active. This guide includes advice on designing accessible evaluation, a list of external resources and contacts, and two case studies that demonstrate how accessible evaluation can work in practice.

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Sport England Research Guide

This guide is designed to help you carry out top-quality research that has a big impact on your organisational goals. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. The key is being clear about what you’re trying to understand. What do you need to know? Once that’s set in stone, it’s time to use the most suitable approach to your research. This guide helps you to establish both. That’s why we’ve split the publication into two distinct parts – firstly, an introduction to research itself – and secondly, how to choose your methodology.

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Visit Sport England's Evaluation Framework page for an interactive guide to effective evaluation of a project.(redirects to Sport England website)

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National Obesity Observatory Standard Evaluation Framework for Physical Activity

The Standard Evaluation Framework for physical activity interventions, aimed at practitioners, commissioners and managers of physical activity interventions and projects. The framework identifies and explains the information that should be collected in any evaluation of an intervention that aims to increase participation in physical activity. In particular it provides guidance on: 1) How to identify appropriate physical activity outcomes for evaluating different types of intervention. 2) How to define suitable measures for different types of physical activity outcome. 3) How to approach the challenges of assessing and measuring physical activity and energy expenditure.

Evaluation Support

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