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Disability and Long-term Conditions Framework

Active Norfolk's Disability and Long-term Conditions Framework 2019 is an evidence-based guide created to increase the access of physical activity and participation of individuals with disabilities and long-term conditions of all ages in Norfolk. The document is organised to give the reader background information about why we need to improve physical activity, how we can do this by addressing the key focus areas, and then a set of outcomes we aim to achieve.

You can use the following document to create an individualised 3 year action plan for your organisation

Key recommendations for different sectors

These guides have been developed to help people and organisations in different sectors to put the framework into practice. Below you can download the guides for:

  • activity providers
  • healthcare professionals
  • schools
  • the volunteer, community, and social enterprise (VCSE) sector
  • individuals with a disability or long-term condition

The following links were created to support individuals and organisations to achieve the outcomes of the framework: