Active Norfolk Staff

We have a hardworking and friendly team dedicated to developing sport and physical activity opportunities across Norfolk. Our staff work with our partners to improve the awareness of the benefits of physical activity across Norfolk, and to increase the opportunities available.

You can find out more about our work in the What We Do section of our website, or visit our Strategy and Impacts section to read our latest strategy and impact reports..

If you are interested in supporting your organisation or the people you work with to be active, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for a specific team, select it here, or browse below for the person you’re looking for.


Ben Jones


[email protected]
01603 228937

Simon Hamilton

Strategic Director and Sport England Extended Workforce

[email protected]
01603 228965

Health Team Staff

Ryan Hughes

Strategic Lead – Older People

[email protected]
01603 228962

Anna Skipper

Strategic Lead – Population Health

[email protected]
01603 989906

Sam Watts

Development Officer – Mental Health

[email protected]
01603 228953

Rebecca Elliott

Development Officer – Health

[email protected]

Katie Tierney

Workplace Health Officer

[email protected]
01603 222058

Ellen Vanlint

Development Officer – Disability & Inclusion

[email protected]
01603 228938

Children and Young People (CYP)

Joel Matthews

CYP Strategic Lead

[email protected]
01603 729198

Duane Hesford

HAF Co-Ordinator

[email protected]
01603 679349

Jo Thompson

Development Officer – Education

[email protected]
01603 228964

Anna Knibb

Development Officer – Families and Communities

[email protected]

Localities and Communities

Sam Bensley

Localities Manager

[email protected]

Andy Oakley

Great Yarmouth Locality Development Officer

[email protected]
01603 495115

Aaron Roberts

Locality Development Officer – Broadland and South Norfolk

[email protected]
01603 679257

George Webster

Locality Development Officer – Norwich

[email protected]
01603 495117

Active Environments

Charlotte Collins

Strategic Lead – Active Environments

[email protected]

Operations Team

Kieron Tuck

Operations Manager

[email protected]
01603 306287

Caitlin Avery

Strategic Communications Officer

[email protected]

Sian Keeping

Website and Communications Officer

[email protected]
01603 495870

Rachel Cooke

Insight & Evaluation Officer

[email protected]
01603 228950

Gareth Samuel

Digital Development Officer

[email protected]
01603 223094

Rose Waterman

Project Manager

[email protected]

Claire Ford

Business Support Officer

[email protected]

Helen Pearson

Business Support Admin (HAF)

[email protected]

To get in touch with any staff members, use their contact details listed. If you’re not sure who is best to get in touch with, email [email protected] and we can direct you to the best person to handle your query.