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50+ Classes50+ Classes

Get Involved

Egyptian Belly dance at the Garage

Wednesday 23rd January

Forever Fit 50+

Thursday 24th January

Forever Fit & Tone 50+

Thursday 24th January

Keep Fit (over 50s)

Wednesday 23rd January

What is 50+ Classes?

50+ classes cover a wide range of exercises including aerobic movements, flexibility, core strengthening and toning exercises specifically aimed at the mature adult.

Class participants range in age from mid-forties to eighty, and are tailored to suit the ability levels of the attendees.


  • Over 50 classes can help participants to lose weight, tone up, get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Can also benefit people with osteoporosis or arthritis.
  • Great way to meet new people


Classes vary in prices across the country with some companies allowing you to pay as you go.


All you need is basic gym wear as all the equipment and music will be provided by the instructor.

Local Programmes