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Hey Norfolk! We care about your health.

Physical activity helps you to take care of your body now, and protect it for years to come. Being active not only helps keep your body fit and healthy, it also has an important role to play in energising both mind and spirit.

Check out the video below, which was produced by Active Norfolk and Norfolk County Council Public Health, about the Chief Medical Officers' recommendations on how much physical activity you should be getting, along with some ideas about what you can enjoy right here in Norfolk as part of an active lifestyle.

150 Minutes

Unsure about how much physical activity you should be getting?

The UK's Chief Medical Office (CMO) issued new guidelines in September 2019 around how much physical activity people should be doing to achieve health benefits.

The key message is that "Some is good, more is better."

These infographics show the physical activity guidelines for each age group, as well as for disabled adults, pregnant women, and women after childbirth.

NHS Health Checks

If you are aged between 40 and 75 you may have been invited in for your NHS health check from your GP. If you have already had your check then you may have been advised by your GP to become more active as a result of a Physical Activity questionnaire.

Many people avoid visiting their doctor for fear that a health concern will be confirmed. However, many worry themselves unnecessarily and troubling thoughts are shown to be unfounded.

Simply telling your doctor of your intention to increase your activity and seeking advice on whether anything in particular should be avoided would be a good start. A visit to a qualified physiotherapist could also be a good idea. A well qualified member of your local gym staff should also be able to help.

Active Norfolk can help you to bring more activity to your life, click here to be taken to our activity search, or call the office on 01603 732333 to have a chat with one of the team.