Local schools needed for Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme

We’re looking for local schools in Norfolk to get involved with the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme.

After recently releasing a case study on the benefits of local schools getting involved, we’re looking for more schools across Norfolk to sign up to get involved in the programme.

How can schools get involved with Big Norfolk Holiday Fun?

Schools can sign up to be part of the programme in several ways:

To find out more about these options, check out our case study below and get in touch with our team.

Watch the case study

If you’re a local school thinking of getting involved in the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme, check out our newest case study.

We speak to Emma Hoey-Smith, acting headteacher for Tuckswood Academy, who signed up to be a host for the Big Norfolk Holiday Fun programme. She speaks about the sign-up process for schools and the benefits to pupils of being part of the programme.

You can watch the highlights video below. Click the button beneath it to view the full case study and find out more about how you can get involved!