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Try it Tuesday

It's time to try something new or learn a new skill!

Try one of our Virtual School Games challenges!

Have you tried all of our Virtual School Games challenges? The virtual challenge may be over, but the activities are still a great way to try something new and build up your confidence in a range of sports skills and techniques.

Have fun and develop your athletics skills

During the first lockdown England Athletics and Team GB athlete and coach Jenny Meadows set a special fun challenge each week that the whole family could do at home. Test your speed and agility with the Speed Bounce Grid and see how many jumps you can do in 20 seconds!

Try making your walk more fun!

During lockdown you are allowed to go out for an hour's exercise each day, and going for a walk is a great way to get some exercise and burn off that energy.

Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking and the people behind the Walk to School campaign, has free resources and fun activities on its website to follow while you're out walking.

Try some of these:

Special delivery
Letters are a great way to stay connected with people you haven't seen in a while. Before you go for a walk, write a letter to a friend or family member. Post it on your walk, through their door if they live locally, or find a post box if not.

Picture postcard
Where are you looking forward to spending time with your friends again? Perhaps school or the local park? Pick a place and take a picture there while out for a walk. Ask an adult to help you share the picture with a friend.

A life of their own
What objects draw your attention when you are out walking? Maybe a wonky tree, or a funny-looking car? Pick one and give it a life of its own. What's its name and how old is it? What does it do at night when everyone's asleep?

Try a hockey dribbling challenge

Create an obstacle course around your house or garden using everyday objects or furniture.

Try dribbling a ball or balloon around the course using a hockey stick - if you don't have one, you can use something like a long stick or cardboard tube, or a swimming noodle.

Challenge your family to tackle your course!

Have a ball learning tennis skills

Try these fun challenges from the Norfolk Lawn Tennis Association and find lots more ideas to try at home on their YouTube channel.

Get a buzz from netball challenges

England Netball has launched a new series of 'Bee@Home' challenge videos for under-11s. These fun activities can be tried at home and will help improve your netball skills as well as bring a smile to your face!

Find them at

Develop your leadership skills

The Youth Sport Trust has put together lots of resources for secondary-aged children which follow the national PE curriculum and can be done at home.

Have a go at these ones which will help develop leadership skills - you can find lots more on the YST website.

Shine up your cricket skills

Chance to Shine's weekly cricket challenges will help you develop the skills you need for this fun sport, even if you've never picked up a bat before! Check out these videos to have a go at catching, batting, and even commentating - and visit their YouTube channel for lots more ideas.

Follow #ThisIsPE for fun PE activities

Yorkshire Sports Foundation has worked with physical education experts to create fun, free games and activities to keep kids busy and active linked to the PE curriculum. Follow #ThisIsPE and see its Twitter feed or YouTube channel for the latest videos!