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Timetable Thursday

Keep your brain and body active with these fun learning activities

Play an active game of Connect Four!

This active version of the popular game from GetSet4PE will get the whole family moving and having fun!

What you need:

  • A pen
  • A piece of paper
  • Two players

How to play:

  • Draw a four by four grid on your paper
  • Players complete mini challenges against one another to win the chance to mark their initial on the grid
  • First player to connect four of their initials wins the round

Challenges could include:

  • First to ten star jumps
  • Who can do the best impression of a monkey!
  • Who can hop the furthest?
  • First to find something green
  • First to spell a word

Take on a PE and maths challenge has put together a series of daily challenges for children age 6 to 14, combining a physical and mathematical challenge to develop numeracy skills linked to physical activity and topics including problem solving, probability, and time.

Download the challenges here.

Play a maths card game

Make Ten is an easy to play maths card game which teaches kids ways to make 10 with addition and subtraction. All you need is a deck of cards! Click here to find out how to play.

There are lots more card games which are fun for youngsters to learn and play, and help with recognising shapes and numbers. You could try Go Fish or Old Maid. Can you make up your own?

Make up your own story

Orchard Toys have lots of free activity ideas and worksheets for preschool children to do at home. This story starter sheet is a fantastic way to practise literacy skills by writing your own short story. You can choose your own objects if you like, or why not include your favourite ways to be active?

Make some tasty treats and multiply your maths skills

Following a recipe uses lots of maths skills like weighing, measuring, and time. Plus you get something yummy to make at the end of it! You'll find lots of child-friendly recipes on the BBC Good Food website.

Play a funny word game

Funny Flips is a nonsense word game that helps you practise nouns, verbs, and adverbs and makes you giggle!

Click here to find out how to play.

Play jumping bingo!

This fun game will help you move and practise your numbers!

Set up a bingo grid on the floor using numbers written on scrap paper or sticky notes. You could go up to 10 for pre-school children or make it more challenging with higher numbers for bigger ones! With a family member, take it in turns to call out a number and set a physical challenge for the other person to complete e.g. 7 star jumps, 6 bunny hops. Switch over after each go.

Spell It Out

Practise your spelling with this fun activity from GetSet4PE!

What you need

  • Sticky notes (or use sticky tack and paper)
  • A pen
  • A ball or a pair of socks

How to play

  • Write a letter of the alphabet on each sticky note and stick them to a wall
  • Stand three metres away and throw your ball to hit the letters and spell the following words: SUN, SPRING, FLOWER, RAINBOW
  • Then have a go at making your own word
  • Have someone else with you? Can they guess your word?
  • Playing against someone else? Who can spell the words in the quickest time?

You'll find lots more free active learning ideas on the GetSet4PE website.

Beat the clock!

Set up two markers in your garden or front room, ten paces apart (or as far apart as you can make them!). You could use plastic bowls, tennis balls, cuddly toys - whatever you have to hand!

Set a timer for one minute and see how many times you can run between the markers.

Now try different kinds of moving between the markers, like hopping, skipping, or walking backwards (carefully!).

How many different ways of moving can you think of?

Can you make it more challenging by moving the markers further apart, doing it for a longer time, or racing against someone in your family?

Make a maths treasure hunt

Hide treasure hunt clues all over your home, with a sum to complete in each clue before you can move onto the next one. Challenge your family to see who can complete the course and find the treasure the quickest!

Grab a book for active story time

Choose your favourite book to read by yourself or with a parent or carer.

Every time you read a verb (doing word, like 'flew'), perform the action - for example, 'the dragon flew through the sky'. How creative can you be with your movements?'

Challenge yourself to find the adverbs too (words that describe doing words, like 'softly') and consider how you move - for example, 'the dragon flew softly through the sky'.

Can you make up some imaginative sentences and actions of your own?

You'll find this and more active learning activities on the Youth Sport Trust active learning page.

PE with numbers

Practise your numbers while being active in these fun activities which are easy to set up. For older children you can make it more challenging with calculations such as times tables and greater than/less than.

Enjoy some on-the-ball learning

Check out the Premier League Primary Stars page for loads of fun footie-based learning activities, from a Premier League poetry challenge to maths puzzles using football cards!