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On The Move Outdoors

On The Move Outdoors follows on from the popular 'On The Move' project, with the intention of bringing you a series of accessible walks, trails and routes around Norfolk which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Through On The Move Outdoors, the DRAGONs (Disability Real Action Group Of Norfolk), a group of young people with disabilities will be visiting walking trails, routes and parks around Norfolk.

They will be assessing the routes for accessibility, and looking at facilities such as parking and toilets to find out how easy they are for people with disabilities to walk. Our aim is to bring you accessible, disability friendly walks in Norfolk.

Getting out and about in nature is a great way of remaining physically active and keeping in touch with your mental health, and should be available to everyone. The On The Move Outdoors project is particularly important as we face uncertain times with the pandemic, and we will continue to update the walks regularly to provide you with new places to explore around our beautiful county.

If you have suggestions on where the DRAGONs could visit next, be sure to get in touch with your suggestions!


A guide to the walks

Each walk is assessed for accessibility, but also for other enjoyable perks, and points of interest. It's all very well visiting a beautiful park, but can you enjoy a nice cup of tea at the end? The On The Move Outdoors walks will bring you real opinions and points of interest so you can make an informed decision on whether the walk is right for you.

To get started, download our guide below where we've listed a key containing all the icons used in the walks to make things easier.

Safety when walking

When walking, remember to always ensure you're safe and prepared. Here are our top tips for staying safe when venturing out to explore new places:

  • Wear suitable clothing
  • Carry something to eat and to drink
  • Check the weather forecast
  • Only start a walk you know you can complete
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back
  • If you feel unsafe change your route
  • Take a mobile phone or a personal alarm or a GPS tracking tool (Buddi)
  • Always use pavements when you can
  • Cross at safe places
  • If walking where there is no pavement walk on the right facing oncoming traffic
  • Carry some blister plasters
  • Don't wear headphones
  • Don't go to a place without knowing something about what the walk will be like (livestock, water, woods)

Walks in central Norfolk

There are plenty of gems hidden in and around central Norfolk which you can take advantage of. We've included walks in Norwich but also the surrounding areas, so you don't necessarily need to travel into the city to take part!

Our walks include parks such as Eaton Park and Catton Park, but also trails such as Mousehold Heath. You can download the DRAGON guides below, and use them as a guide when deciding on your next adventures!

Remember, we're constantly adding to our list of walks, so check back regularly to see if a new walk has appeared, and if you have any suggestions on where we should go next, let us know.

Walks in north Norfolk

The DRAGONs have travelled from Sheringham, to Cromer, and various surrounding areas to test out some walks in north Norfolk. Take a look below.

Walks in east Norfolk

Travelling between Brundall and Yarmouth, all the way along the east coast of Norfolk, the DRAGONs will be sharing future hidden gems from the east of Norfolk here.

Walks in west Norfolk

There are plenty of walks to be found in west Norfolk, and the DRAGONs intend to explore them! We will be updating this section as and when we are able to assess the walks.

Suggest our next walk!

We want to find all the accessible walks in Norfolk and share them with those who will benefit most. Whether it's a treasure on the coast, or a gem hidden in the countryside which you'd like the DRAGONs to assess, we'd love to hear about it. Get in touch below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Ellen Vanlint

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