Make it Monday

Get creative and get the week off to a fantastic start!

Get your wheels in motion with some cycling themed activities

Get stuck in with these fun cycling and bicycle themed activities.

Great for wet weather playtimes and after-school clubs! Find activities to suit all tastes including art, design & craft activities, board games, jigsaws, maths, number and word challenges, poetry and geography activities.

Bikeability Just for Fun Toolkit

Make a game with household objects

Grab some (non-breakable!) objects from around your house like cutlery, a mop and bucket, and plastic bowls and cups and make up some games to play with your family!

You could try:

  • Throwing rolled-up socks into a bucket
  • Using your fingers to 'dribble' a marble around a tabletop cutlery maze
  • An 'egg and spoon' race using a wooden spoon and a ball of foil
  • Playing the 'magic carpet ride' game - sit on a towel or mat and inch your way around an obstacle course on the floor

Try to include at least one of the School Games values in your game - honesty, respect, determination, teamwork, passion and self-belief!

Use your arty side to tell a story

Explore this BBC Bitesize lesson to learn about how famous Portuguese artist Paula Rego uses her artworks to tell stories, learn some basic artistic techniques, and create your own artwork.

Make a recycled bird feeder

Help the birds in your garden or outside your window, and help the environment too, by making an eco-friendly bird feeder.

All you need is a clean, empty plastic bottle, some string, scissors, and bird seed!

It's easy to do - click here to follow the instructions.

Make a School Games puzzle

Create a word search or puzzle using the Norfolk School Games values:

  • Self belief
  • Teamwork
  • Determination
  • Honesty
  • Passion
  • Respect

You could also include other words linked to the Games, like activities that are in the school games programme, venues, teams etc. Head to the Norfolk School Games website for some ideas!

Make a water balloon pinata

As the weather warms up, get outside and cool off with your own water balloon pinata!

Recycle your junk into something sporty!

Have a go at some junk modelling and make something fun to be active with.

You will need:

  • Clean recycling items such as plastic bottles, jar lids, cardboard boxes
  • Art materials: paint, scissors, glue or sticky tape
  • Your imagination!

You could make a tenpin bowling game using plastic bottles... a colourful target for throwing balls into... a junk obstacle course... be as creative as you like!

Whizz up a tasty breakfast smoothie

A healthy, balanced diet packed with fruit and veg will give you the energy and nutrients you need to stay active all day. Get this week off to a fresh start with several of your five-a-day by creating your own breakfast smoothie!

Get an adult to help you chop up some fresh ripe fruit - you could try strawberries, bananas, pineapple, or kiwi fruit - and blend with orange juice and yoghurt. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Check out BBC Good Food for more smoothie recipes and ideas.

Make a target game

Set up a fun target game using objects you can find around the house.

For targets you could use empty tin cans, plastic bowls, or waste paper bins. Or in the garden you could use flower pots or draw targets on the ground with chalk.

You could throw soft balls or make your own by crumpling up paper or foil.

Set up your targets so the ones that are further away and harder to hit give you more points.

How many points can you score? Can anyone in your family beat your total?

Check out the video below for inspiration!