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Active Norfolk is committed to equality and operates within a culture and structure that recognises diversity and strives to be fair.

Equality in sport is about fairness, justice and equal access to opportunities. Active Norfolk is aware of the diverse needs of different groups within society and respond positively to eliminate discrimination.

Positive action will be used to redress inequalities and to maximise participation.

Targets for Sports Equality

  • Increase participation in sports/active leisure
  • Promote inclusion
  • Remove barriers in sports and for all sports in Norfolk to be fully accessible
  • Best practice and equality training for clubs
  • To work within the Social Model of Disability
  • To promote empowerment, value, and choice
  • Respect diversity e.g. religion, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, age, and disability
  • Offer guidance, advice and support on equality issues
  • Challenge discrimination and harassment in sport
  • Promote equal opportunities
  • Promote an environment that encourages positive attitudes


For information on the new The Equality Act 2010 and the impact on Sport for Disabled People visit, and other resources are available below: