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Active Workplaces Business Games

2020 sees a shift in the way the Business Games will be delivered. We have organised this much loved event for the past eleven years, however changes to the role we play in advocating for active workplaces will see this year's event taken on by our friends at the Sportspark in Norwich.

The popular format will remain, with upwards of 350 people from over 40 teams testing their skill, stamina and teamwork across ten fun activities hosted at the Sportspark.

Advocating for the importance of an active workforce is hugely important to us here at Active Norfolk. The benefits for an organisation of creating an active culture within the workplace are many and varied:

  • Happier and healthier employees – both physically and mentally – are able to work more productively and take less days off sick
  • Small changes within the workplace can have a big effect on culture and staff morale
  • Flexible working, showers, cycle storage, and the bike to work scheme all support active travel, which not only benefits employees and organisations, but also wider communities by reducing congestion and pollution
  • Encouraging lunchtime activities such as walking or yoga, standing desks and walking meetings all help create positive workplace environments, enabling employees to reduce sedentary time

It is this organisational level of change that we will be focusing our efforts on in the future, which means we are no longer equipped to deliver traditional sport and events. However, we know the extent to which many Norfolk workplaces value the Business Games, so it was important to us that we could secure its future. We are delighted that the Sportspark have agreed to take on this event going forwards, and can continue to build on its success.

Bookings will be going live for this year's event on Monday 2nd March at 11am. Find more information and to book (from Monday), visit

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