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Keep the kids active at home

We've teamed up with Norfolk's School Sports Partnerships to give schools, parents, and carers handy resources to get kids active every day of the week!

Click the links below to access a library of free, high-quality themed resources covering a wide range of activities for children at home, in primary and secondary schools, and in Early Years, nursery and other childcare settings.

If you're looking for somewhere new to explore outdoors with the kids where you can safely social distance, take a look at our Active Outdoors resources.

And new for the Summer, if you're looking for activities sessions for the kids to take part in over the summer months, check out our Holiday Zone activities listings!

Accessible activities

Everyday activity ideas

Normal household activities count towards children's physical activity levels - whatever gets the family up and moving! Here are a few ideas for everyday ways to move more:


  • Tidy up races
  • How about a sock-pairing race and then aiming them at the linen basket?
  • Making your bed everyday
  • Hoovering and sweeping
  • window cleaning
  • Playing games like 'twister'
  • a treasure hunt around the home


  • Drawing with coloured chalk
  • Setting up a mud kitchen with some old pots and pans
  • Doing some gardening, weeding, digging or cutting the lawn
  • Setting up a garden obstacle course. Using whatever you have to go over, under, through or around
  • How about some target games? What can you come up with?
  • Try different ways of travelling around, hopping jumping or crawling