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Keep the kids active at home

Nobody wants to be stuck at home. For younger people, it can be particularly hard being away from school and friends, and having to work through home school with their parents!

For this reason, we've teamed up with Norfolk's School Sports Partnerships to give schools, parents, and carers handy resources to get kids active every day of the school week!

Click the links below to access a library of free, high-quality themed resources covering a wide range of activities for children at home, in primary and secondary schools, and in Early Years, nursery and other childcare settings.

Need some fresh air? Explore local areas with the kids where you can safely social distance in our Active Outdoors resources.

We know how busy being a parent is. Whether you're a parent, or expectant parent-to-be looking for a workout that fits your timeframe, we've found some resources to suit you. Check them out here.

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Accessible activities

Whilst most of the resources listed above are or can be tailored to be more accessible, there are plenty more ideas, games and resources available which are fully accessible. If you need any advice or have further suggestions of some fun games parents can play with their young ones, be sure to let us know!

  • On The Move are weekly accessible activities to do at home or in the garden, using things found aroundt he house. From Hockey to Boules, there's something new for everyone to try!
  • On The Move Outdoors are walks for everyone. We know how worrying it can be to find somewhere accessible to walk, particularly if you've someone who needs clear walkways or requires extra stimulation. For this reason, we've been travelling round Norfolk finding walks that everyone can enjoy.
  • Change4Life have accessible activities for children and young people with disabilities. Have you ever tried Potato Golf? Perhaps an Obstacle Race?

8 ways to make homeschool fun in 2021

There are several ways to keep home schooling fun and fresh. Try these 8 top tips for successful homeschooling in 2021:

  1. Keep moving: Try not to sit still all day!
  2. Try new things: Mix it up a bit to avoid boredom.
  3. Go on field trips: Venture into the garden for a science lesson.
  4. Encourage creativity: Why not try storytelling or a painting session?
  5. Set a plan: Stick to set breaks and lesson times to keep the day structured.
  6. Have special fun lessons planned: Plan something fun to look forward to every Friday
  7. Add music: Don't be afraid to have a little boogie to shake off any tension.
  8. Keep talking: Talk to your little one. Ask them what they're enjoying and work with it!

Normal household activities count towards children's physical activity levels - whatever gets the family up and moving! Here are a few ideas for everyday ways to move more:

Easy ways to keep kids active indoors

  • Tidy up races
  • How about a sock-pairing race and then aiming them at the linen basket?
  • Making your bed everyday
  • Hoovering and sweeping
  • Window cleaning
  • Playing games like 'twister'
  • A treasure hunt around the home
  • A quick dance party!

Creative ways of keeping kids active outdoors

  • Drawing with coloured chalk
  • Setting up a mud kitchen with some old pots and pans
  • Doing some gardening, weeding, digging or cutting the lawn
  • Setting up a garden obstacle course. Using whatever you have to go over, under, through or around
  • How about some target games? What can you come up with?
  • Try different ways of travelling around, hopping jumping or crawling

Creative outlets for your child

Child playing creatively with boxes

The theme of this year's Children's Mental Health Week was 'Express Yourself' - something we can all encourage at all times of the year! Here are some ideas to get your child started.

Arts and crafts:

  • Art For Kids Hub: This family Youtube channel is aimed at younger children, and takes them through the basics of how to draw.
  • Expressionism For Kids: This fantastic little video takes kids of all ages through the basics of different shapes and colours for expressing yourself in drawing and painting.
  • Projects with kids: This website lists some basic craft projects your kids can get involved with, using some basic materials.
  • Mini pottery projects: If you want to try something a bit more complicated, these clay pots can be done using clay, and could get your child into pottery!

Music and dance:

  • Create your own instruments: This project is sure to keep kids entertained for hours whilst getting creative.
  • Virtual online instruments: They're not quite the real thing, but by introducing your child to an online version of a piano, or something more quirky like a theremin, they might discover a passion you can later encourage.
  • Learn an instrument online: If you've already got the instrument at home, this online imusicschool has videos to take kids through the basics of several instruments at home.
  • Join a kid's dance class: Classes like Tiny Toes Ballet can be held online and are interactive so kids can join in at home. This gives them the chance to try something new!


  • Oxford Owl: This website provides resources on how to plan and start a story, as well as prompts and help for kids who are looking to become writers.
  • How To Write A Story: This video takes kids through the basics of writing a story.
  • Writing limericks: Stories aren't the only creative writing outlet! To mix it up, try some poetry or something a little more silly like a limerick!