Community Ownership Fund: Support available for community organisations

The Community Ownership Fund is a £150 million fund over 4 years to support community groups across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to take ownership of assets which are at risk of being closed for good.

It forms part of a substantial package of UK wide levelling-up interventions, helping to support recovery, build opportunity and empower communities to improve their local places.

Voluntary and community organisations can bid for match funding. Funding may support the purchase and/or renovation costs of community assets and amenities. The fund will support a range of community ownership proposals. For example, projects may include:

Proposals will need to prove the value of the asset to local people and that the asset can run sustainably for the long-term benefit of the community.

How much funding could I get?

Matched capital grants of up to £250,000 will be available for most projects. In exceptional cases, up to £1 million matched capital grants will be available to help establish a community-owned sports club or help buy a sports club or sporting facilities at risk of being lost.

Applicants will need to show the contribution of the asset to their community including to the social wellbeing or cultural, recreational or sporting interests of the local place.

How do I find out more?

Applicants should read all the guidance before applying. To find out more about the fund, and how to apply, click the button below.