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Vicky Lomas

I decided to become an Ambassador for This Girl Can due to my own personal experience in the hope that I can help others, I feel my journey is what This Girl Can is all about because we really can.

Just over 7 years ago I took my first step into a fitness class. At the time I was smoking 20 a day, had put on over 3 stone since the birth of my son, was suffering with post natal depression, drinking a lot of alcohol for confidence and was conscious of what everyone was thinking of me and if they liked me.

A friend had persuaded me to attend a Zumba class; I was scared, nervous and felt sick but at the end of it I felt amazing! It was an hour of forgetting everything, enjoying the music, making a fool of myself with the other ladies and no one cared what I looked like. Everyone was too busy concentrating on getting the moves and having fun. This was my turning point.

I joined other classes, I started healthy eating, I made new friends who felt the same as me and I was loving every minute. I stopped smoking, cut down the alcohol and lost 3 stone. 4 years later I met an amazing personal trainer, I wanted to push myself even more but still lacked the confidence in myself. He changed this and made me realise you can do anything if you want it enough. I began to run. Never had I thought I was capable of this but later completed a half marathon!

Last year I became a Pound® instructor, an ambassador for This Girl Can Essex, completed my Level 2 Exercise to music and a qualified Clubbercise® U13, U18 and Family instructor. This year I completed my diploma in Personal Training and quit my full time desk job to dedicate my time to helping others to a healthier lifestyle. I would never have got up on stage in front of others 7 years ago but I love it; I love seeing the smiles, the fitness changes and the mental achievements from my participants. I want others to be able to take that first step as well, to step into my classes knowing they are not being judged and they have the love and support from me as an instructor. This Girl Can encourage and promote every part of this.