Together Fund

Introduction to the Together Fund

Girls playing rugby after funding from Together Fund

The Together Fund (Phase 4) is a Sport England initiative which supports voluntary community organisations to recover from the long-term impacts of COVID-19, and endure through the current cost of living crisis.

It was previously known as the ‘Tackling Inequalities Fund’.

Whilst it was previously focused on providing an immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fund has now evolved. It now exists to help reduce the negative impacts of COVID-19 and help community groups to grow. It concentrates mainly on supporting these groups to reach and engage their audiences in movement and physical activity.

In Norfolk, the Together Fund is coordinated by Active Norfolk.

To proceed, please make sure you go through all the steps on this page before starting your application.

Step one: Check the priority audiences

The fund is aimed at four priority audiences:

  • People with long-term health conditions
  • Disabled people
  • Lower socio-economic groups
  • Culturally diverse communities

Your proposed provision or delivery should target at least one of these priority audiences. Through tackling inequalities in local sport, we will eventually build more inclusive and accessible communities.

Step two: Read and answer the six key questions

When you apply for the Together Fund, your application should answer the ‘six key questions’ as laid out by Sport England. Click ‘show more’ to read these questions, and begin preparing your response.

When you apply through the Together Fund, your application should answer the following ‘six key questions’ as laid out by Sport England.

1, Will this investment impact upon at least one of the four priority audiences?

2, Has the requirement arisen as a direct result of this community group or audience being adversely affected by COVID-19?

3, In relation to improving access and participation in sport and physical activity for the target audience, what issues does the funding help to resolve?

4, Will this investment; a) help a community group to recover and grow, or b) continue to survive as a result of hardship?

If b), please set out in the application how this investment will enable the community organisation to continue beyond the immediacy of this short-term investment. 

5, Is this project directly funding the provision of physical activity? If it is not, how will it support the delivery of physical activity in the immediate future?

6, Will the funding go directly to a trusted community organisation rather than be directly delivered by the National Partner or Active Partnership?

Step three: Who can and cannot apply?

Read through our guidance below before starting. We would also recommend taking a look at the range of data and insight resources on our website which are crucial to supporting many applications. You should do these before beginning your application.

Who can apply?

Find out who can apply for the Together Fund.

  • Voluntary community partners and organisations – this is our primary focus.

  • NHS/Local Authority or Leisure Trusts – these will only be considered if it can be demonstrated that this is the best way to support local residents.

N.B. Please contact us in advance of submitting your application so that we can talk this through together.

  • Organisations seeking second or third applications to the fund – these will only be considered if you can demonstrate your learning, value and impact of earlier investments and focus on engaging new participants.

  • Partners seeking to work together in tackling inequalities.

N.B. If you are planning on a collaboration, please contact us in advance of submitting your application so that we can talk this through together.

Who cannot apply?

Find out who cannot apply for the Together Fund.

  • Organisations promoting religious or political beliefs.
  • Individuals.
  • Any commercial businesses or profit-making organisations unless they are a Social Enterprise or Community Interest Company.
  • Sole traders.

  • Un-constituted organisations (however, in this case, it may be possible for you to link with another Accountable Body such as a VCS to support you. They will need to act as the applicant and manage the funds for you.

N.B. Please contact us in advancing of submitting your application so we can talk this through together).

  • Applications that duplicate funding already received from Sport England.

  • Organisations operating outside of Norfolk (please contact your local Active Partnership).

What can funding be used for?

Find out what the funding can be put towards.

Funding can be used for (but is not limited to):

  • Equipment hire and purchase
  • Coach fees and expenses
  • Hire of facilities
  • Promotion and publicity
  • Staff costs
  • Transport and travel


There are certain items that we cannot fund. The list below is not exhaustive, but outlines significant items that cannot be funded through the Together Fund:

  • Activities or costs which are already covered by other government funding including rates.
  • Capital works.
  • Activities promoting religious or political beliefs.
  • Where there is personal benefit to an individual.

How much can we apply for?

Find out how much you can apply for.

  • We welcome applications up to £3000.
  • We will consider applications up to £5000, however, please contact us in advance of submitting your application if it is over £3000 so we can talk this through together.
  • Only one application per organisation.

Step four: Check out the available insight and data

We host a range of data and insight resources on our website which you may find useful to review to help support your application. Click the button below to visit this section.

You may also find the following links helpful. They’ll take you to a Public Health England website called Local Health which presents data on different communities on an interactive map. This can help you identify where the priority audiences are more prevalent across Norfolk.

You can also use the toolbar on the left to explore different indicators and find out more, or use the actions toolbar in the top right to add geographic labels to the map.

If you need help understanding any of the data listed above, please contact [email protected] or the Active Norfolk team member that introduced you to this funding opportunity.

Get started with your application

Once you’ve read through all of the above, you can start planning your application.

Click below to get in touch with the team, who will be able to send you an application form and guide you through it.

Please be aware that as part of your application we will ask you for a copy of your governing document, your most recent annual accounts, three months of recent bank statements, your Safeguarding policy and your Equal Opportunities policy. It may help to prepare these in advance but let you can also contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We aim to respond to all queries in a timely manner.

Please note that the funding will need to be evenly distributed across the county, meeting target requirements across Norfolk and are subject to final approval by Sport England.