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Woman of the Month 2017 Winners

June Woman of the Month: Julia Perry

Congratulations to Julia Perry who is our winner for June. Julia was nominated by her friend Julie who said,

"Julia runs Total Training fitness based at the scout hut in Tusting Close - she has run this group for over 12 years and is always so full of energy and pushes her group to the max - we love her Friday morning sessions outside whatever the weather"

Julia has been through so much these last few years as her amazing mum was diagnosed with cancer and has now sadly passed away. In tribute to her, Julia ran the London Marathon this year and all her group tracked her and felt the massive emotional journey that she took on the way.

Julie said, "Julia so deserves recognition of her fantastic achievements!"

May Woman of the Month: Barbara Button

Congratulations to Barbara Button who is our winner for May. Barbara was nominated by her cousin Vikki who said,

"My cousin Barbara went to her local parkrun in Brundall in August 2015, she made it round the 5k route and despite finding it hard, she had the running bug and went back. Since that day, Barbara has encouraged countless relatives, friends and colleagues to take up running and the numbers at Brundall parkrun have swelled"

"Barbara has since joined the Coltishall Jaguars running club, run races up to half marathon level, become LIRF qualified, coaching both C25K and C210K courses and helped start a Junior running club. What I should also tell you is that during all of this, Barbara has successfully battled breast cancer, illness and injury, without faltering to support and encourage others"

Vikki said, "She is a true inspiration and has bounced back this month​ to acheive 5k, 5 mile and 10k PBs"

April Woman of the Month: Sarah Loades

Congratulations to Sarah Loades who is our winner for April. Sarah was nominated by her friend Charlie who said,

"Sarah is my best friend in her 40's and in late October last year she decided she was going to change her life and get her health back and passion for fitness.

Sarah has lost 4 stone since then and today completed her first half marathon, something she never dreamed of doing, especially on the back of a knee cartilage injury back in January. Despite her severe anxiety she has got her life back and is determined to push on past this and achieve her goals"

Charlie said, "Sarah has never once quit and is now pushing on to achieve her goal weight (She only has 19 pounds left)!"

March Women of the Month: Donna Warnock and Sheila Lucas

Congratulations to Donna Warnock who is our winner for March. Donna was nominated by her friend Chrissie who said,

"Donna simply oozes passion about all that she does. She sets herself challenges all the time, she works tirelessly with our resident young people trying to motivate and energise them."

Donna is a working mum who also finds time to do fun things with her two young children alongside never ending fundraising for her local community. Donna finds time to take part in parkrun, running groups, combat challenges , the list goes on!

Chrissie said, "Her energy would make her rich if it could be bottled. Her motto is I can and I will!"

Congratulations also goes to Sheila, who was nominated by fitness instructor Rachel Evans.

She said, "Sheila is nearly 88 years old and is an inspiration to everyone in my Zumba Gold and Zumba Fitness classes. Sheila radiates positivity and always welcomes new students when they come to class, making them more relaxed and likely to return. She maintains dance and exercise is essential to survival - she has recently had cancer and was attending classes in between radiotherapy sessions."

Sheila was widowed early in life and left with three young children, she decided not to be bitter but to build an active and positive life for her family. Up until fairly recently Sheila would attend long organised group walks. Nowadays she mostly is the star of Rachel's Zumba Gold classes, encouraging her students to find a love for staying fit later in life.

Rachel said, "You have to meet her to know just how amazing this woman really is!"