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Strategy Consultation

Following an extensive period of engagement with a wide variety of partners from across the statutory, VCSE and private sectors, we're pleased to be able to share this draft of our new strategy.

We've listened to your valued input and hope to reflect the key messages we received from the 80+ people, representing more than 35 organisations across Norfolk.

Although we're confident that this document is clear and is focused on those things which will make the biggest differences in people's lives, it's vital that we sense-check this with those organisations who will play an important part in working with us to bring about the changes we're aiming to make.

It would be hugely helpful if your organisation is able to provide some feedback to this draft. We've created a feedback form which you can complete below, and which should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

The strategy will be open for consultation until Friday 5 March. Please email if you have any questions or would prefer to give feedback in another format.