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New Year, Same You: January Active Advent Calendar 2021

Now 2021 is here, it's time to start thinking about what you want to achieve in the new year. We're firm believers in our 'New Year, Same You' policy; you don't need to change yourself completely, but rather make small adjustments to your lifestyle so you can be the same you... just happier!

To start this journey, you should do little bits of exercise as often as you can. It doesn't mean getting up and going for a 5k run, but starting off slowly and steadily.

Each day, our January Active Advent Calendar will be bringing you a new exercise, workout, stretch or local team or club to try out, so you can start making those small changes towards a healthier, happier you. For each exercise, if you find them too easy, why not double up the time, or add some weight? Alternatively, if you're finding them a challenge, consider using a chair to support you, or reduce the time spent on each exercise.

Once you have clicked on a window, you may need to scroll up to view the advent door.

How can I achieve my new year's resolutions in 2021?

Looking to get active in 2021? Perhaps you want to lose weight or achieve a new fitness goal? Our active advent calendar will help you start your active journey in 2021. We've got exercises you can do in tier 4 restrictions, from home or locally, so the covid-restrictions won't slow you down!