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Sarah-Jayne (or SJ as she's commonly known) started her journey into becoming more active in September 2016, aged 41, by trying open water swimming. She fell in love with this and now swims all the year round in the sea or lake in just her swimsuit. She takes every opportunity to swim in lakes and the sea wherever her holidays take her, even dipping in a lake on the way back down from climbing Snowdon in the winter!

The more active lifestyle suited SJ and soon led within a few weeks to her entering her first triathlon, a super sprint which she completed in April 2017. She was thrilled when the triathlon shop Tri Harder sponsored her as their ambassador to encourage new people to enter the sport. Her new journey then developed into longer distance triathlons, completing 3 official Olympic distance triathlons in her first season, and a total of 9 in her first season. She also completed several running races, including her first half marathon, as well as the new sport of swimruns, which she really enjoyed. SJ also managed to climb the Three Peaks in 2017, including Snowdon twice, once with her 4 year old and 6 year old children.

SJ completed a 5.25 mile end to end swim of Coniston Water in September 2017 and is planning on swimming 5 miles from Robben Island to Cape Town under channel swim rules (swimsuit only) in February 2018. She has set her sights on everything being longer in 2018, with the 5 mile swim, a first marathon, a first marathon distance swimrun, completing a middle distance triathlon, and also finishing her first Ironman, a long distance triathlon, which will be in September 2018.

SJ is really keen to show that This Girl Can and inspire others to take up whatever activity they fancy, no matter what their age or fitness level. She is particularly keen to help people into open water swimming and triathlons, as a working single parent of two small children she really advocates that being more active can be achieved by anyone.

Follow her journey on instagram sjlollytots