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SAIL (Stay Active and Independent for Longer)

Norfolk is one of ten pilot areas that have received EU funding to develop a project to keep older people more active.

SAIL is a partnership project between Active Norfolk and Norfolk County Council's Environment Team, with support from Public Health. It is also part of a wider project, with other pilots located elsewhere in England, France, Belgium and The Netherlands, and all will be monitored and analysed to ensure they are feasible and robust and can be implemented on a wider scale.

The objective of SAIL is to stimulate active ageing, longer independent living, and less dependence on traditional health and social care services. This will be done by developing new, sustainable business and service models through a process of co-creation, innovation and partnership working. SAIL takes place in four stages, 'explore', 'design and develop', test, and 'evaluate'. The attached document below sets out the main activities that Norfolk has undertaken for the first two of these stages.

SAIL aims to increase the physical activity and improve the wellbeing of people aged 65+ who are at risk of poor health due to their lifestyle, or who are already in poor health. It will focus on individuals experiencing material deprivation and social isolation. It will be delivered along the Norfolk coast; however priority will be given to areas of high need that have been identified in a Needs Assessment.

It will aim to make use of Norfolk's natural environment and interaction with the environment will be a driver for health improvement. It will provide support for Norfolk's care, health, leisure and tourism sectors to create physical activity opportunities for older locals and tourists. Importantly, these opportunities will be easy to find out about, easy to get to, and suitable for older people who are inactive or in poor health.

SAIL will also raise the profile of physical activity and its potential importance to improve the lives and health of older people. By doing these things, SAIL will provide a lasting legacy of change.

The project will be structured by three themes, and the targeted criteria outlined below:

1. Improving information – improving information systems to better enable older people to find suitable activities

2. Developing quality– staff training (e.g. dementia awareness), improving the accessibility of physical infrastructure etc.

3. Innovation: Developing new activities that meet the needs of the audience e.g. activities in parks

Who: People 65+ in poor health or at risk poor heath who are deprived/isolated (and those around them)

Where: Areas identified in needs assessment & using natural environment

What: Easy to find out about, easy to get to, suitable for audience (e.g. in poor health)

How: Work with care, health, leisure and tourism. Link up / improve what's there. Low cost and sustainable. Deliverable