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SAIL (Stay Active and Independent for Longer)

Norfolk is one of ten pilot areas that have received EU funding to develop a project to keep older people more active.

The SAIL project will assess the needs of older populations within the coastal regions of West, East and North Norfolk. The focus of SAIL is on healthy ageing. The aim is for people to become more active and healthy, contributing to an increased and ongoing independence.

The pilot projects (others are located elsewhere in England, France, Belgium and The Netherlands) will be monitored and analysed to ensure they are feasible and robust and can be implemented on a wider scale.

SAIL is a partnership project between Active Norfolk and Norfolk County Council's Environment Team, with support from Public Health.

Within the European Interreg project of SAIL (Stay Active and Independent for Longer in the 2 Seas Area) active ageing and longer independent living is stimulated. Different from the current, mono disciplinary approach, SAIL introduces a social innovation process of co-creation to identify new partnerships and opportunities. Especially in unlikely combinations between the leisure, tourism and health care industry, new sustainable business and service models will be developed that encourage active ageing and helping people remain independent for longer, more self-reliant and less dependent on traditional health care and social care services.

Within this project it is remarkable that the target group is a mix of elderly that covers local residents, tourists and second residents. The three groups are usually addressed separately and SAIL aims to make use of underused potential by combining offers. The tourism industry can have something to offer to residents, second home residents can benefit from facilities and offers that are usually only open for full residents.